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We all know being a doctor is not easy, it often comes with its due share of challenges, difficult medical situations and many heartbreaking moments. During the COVID-19 pandemic in the country, wave after wave, doctors have been called ‘warriors’ but even in the absence of COVID, doctors has always been warriors! We salute the selfless spirit that sets Doctors apart.
Today, on Doctors’ Day we remind ourselves of the ideals we have to uphold every day. This #NationalDoctorsDay, Apollo CBCC attempts to acknowledge the dedication and commitment of our doctors and every doctor in India, which continues to make them a pillar of trust. Watch this video to see different side of doctors and how they are going out of their way to help people deal with their crisis and keep burning the flame of hope and life. Thank you Doctors for your constant support! This doctors’ day let’s hear from the frontiers of cancer care themselves and understand how do they get through the tough times. #HappyDoctorsDay

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