Ministry of Health and Wellness Makes HPV Tests Available Free of Cost

noviembre 22, 2022 Agustin No comments exist

Visit for the live stream of the entire newscast, or visit for a text transcript.

Ninety percent of cervical cancer cases are connected to the human papilomavirus or H.P.V. Cervical cancer is the second most common type of cancer among women in Belize. Today, the Ministry of Health and Wellness announced that H.P.V. tests are now available at its public health facilities countrywide, free of cost. These tests come at a cost of three hundred dollars at private hospital, and health professionals recommend that women get tested for H.P.V. every three years. The test allows for the early detection of H.P.V. infection in women. Women twenty-five to sixty-five years of age are the target population for H.P.V. testing, particularly women who have never done cervical cancer screening and those who were last screened more than three years ago. We spoke with representatives from the Ministry of Health via Zoom about the availability of these tests.

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