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Hey guys!!!! So happy you mad me it here again/ if your new welcome!!! 😊🤸🏾‍♀️😊 January is cervical health awareness month, so of course we must talk about the cervix ladies 💁🏾💁🏻💁🏽💁🏼💁🏿!!! ( Gents you may also listen to educate the important women in your life) Short video discussing: the cervix, human papilloma virus (HPV),…

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Cervical cancer remains one of the most common causes of death for women globally and ranks 4th of all cancers. Currently, every 2 minutes a life is lost to this disease. Importantly, it is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women in 42 countries.

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Enter for a chance to win a $50 gift card by filling out a quick 5 min survey: Deanna Tikhonov WHNP-BC discusses what HPV (human papilloma virus) is, how it is spread, and what are the risks. The truth is HPV is an extremely common virus that most people will come in contact with….

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En Estados Unidos, las mujeres Latinas/Hispanas una de las tasas mas altas de cancer cervical, y la 2nda tasa mas alta de muertes relacionadas con el cancer cervical. Esto se debe a que no nos hacemos nuestras pruebas de Papanicolau regularmente. En las Americas alrededor de 72,000 mujeres son diagnosticadas con cancer cervical y alrededor…

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Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust asked women what they think of cervical screening, how they found the test, and whether they would attend their next smear test… Find out more about cervical screening: Find out about Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust:

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If the cells that make up the cervix multiply abnormally, you develop cervical cancer (cancer of the cervix). Find out more: Follow Patient: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Pinterest: Instagram: