Te Kura Collective Agreement

diciembre 18, 2020 Agustin

If you want a printed copy of this agreement, we advise you to download the following PDF version. Visit the Ministry of Education website to see collective agreements and individual contracts. 11.2.1 In order to perform their duties within the meaning of this Agreement, teachers may need to work more than 40 hours per week. However, normal teacher schedules should not exceed 40 hours per week, Monday to Friday, as long as possible. (a) Without limitation of any of the other provisions of this agreement, the school may request the services of a teacher during a period of leave for a total of five days over a 12-month period. 11.3.1 The following provisions replace clauses 3.9-3.9.9. These provisions apply only to a staff member who has been appointed a permanent secondary teacher at Te Kura. 11.4.1 The following provisions replace paragraph 7.3 of this agreement.11.4.2 All workers of the official Te Kura company, for which meals are provided by the employer and which do not receive the travel allowance covered in Point 7.1 and Schedule D, receive compensation of $15.00 per night outside the home. Board members are subject to a number of collective agreements. NZSTA participates in negotiations with the Ministry of Education, the union and other stakeholders, as well as other related issues that have a direct impact on all school staff. 11.5.1 For a staff member appointed a secondary school teacher at Te Kura, these paragraphs replace clauses 4.3A.1 to 4.3A.9 of this agreement. 11.5.9 If an interested teacher loses this position or, as a result of the application of excess provisions for Part 11 staff in this agreement, he has changed this position, the wage security regimes in point 11.3.6 of these provisions apply.

In cases where the allowance is limited in time, the duration of coverage applies for a shorter or one year during which the teacher continues to hold a position at the school. 11.2.3 If a teacher works with the employer`s agreement on flexible hours, the teacher may be required to keep a attendance record. Note: A judgment on the teacher`s competence for teaching is not one of the selection criteria and should not be a reflection on dissolution. Jurisdictional issues are dealt with in point 3.3 of the agreement. The problem-solving provisions in Part 9 of this agreement are available to a worker who is aggrieved by any action by his employer under these provisions. (c) the worker will apply for suitable permanent jobs in other schools; (e) if, during the overtime period, the worker requests a permanent position in the same or indeterminate lower-term position for which he is fit to work with Te Kura, he is appointed to that position; (f) If the worker stops the course before graduation, the employment continues to end, unless the employer accepts that the presence was given only for this reason and the employee returns to school as an overpayer for the remainder of the retraining period.