UTERUS REMOVAL- Is it the right choice?Causes & Alternative Options-Dr.H S Chandrika|Doctors’ Circle

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Dr. H S Chandrika | Appointment booking number: 9110865951
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It is not that it is right or wrong. Uterus removal is a major surgery. So uterus removal if it is recommended by a doctor it must be done. It is not that we can manage without removal. Depending on the cause we have to remove, we have to remove. If it is a malignancy, like an endometrial cancer, cervical cancer or other cancers also like parauterine cancer like ovarian cancer you have to remove the cancer. So in ovarian cancer we have to remove the uterus along with the ovaries, we remove the adjacent uterus also, along with ovaries. These are the conditions where uterine removal is a must. But there are some conditions, what are called as fibroids that we see in scanning. It is a not an indication for removal of uterus. The problem causing uterus are the ones casing very heavy bleeding and she may become anemic and depends on the size and location of fibroid and if that become the menstruation very heavy, we have to remove the uterus . So in fibroids we have medicines and we can prevent the hysterectomy whether to remove the uterus in some people this is a major surgery n there can problems so unnecessary also don’t remove the uterus. So if it is needed only to remove the uterus. When the uterus is removed women go into depressions,, if the uterus is removed, there is no compromise on intercourse. There is no need to be worried. When the uterus is removed, the satisfaction is not the same as before the hysterectomy. If some patient, most common causes is in heavy bleeding, we use all medical methods to control bleeding. In such conditions also we will be forced to remove the uterus. In such conditions also it is not avoidable. There is no fun in losing so much of blood in every menstrual cycle and becoming weaker day by day. So when it is needed you have to remove the uterus.

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