Virtual Shadowing with OBGYN Dr. Constants Adams

julio 24, 2021 Agustin No comments exist

Thank you all for attending our 39th virtual shadowing session, because it was our absolute pleasure to have Dr. Constants Adams, MD! Dr. Adams is an obstetrician-gynecologist. To learn more about our sessions and other opportunities, please follow our Instagram linked below and subscribe to our YouTube channel for more events.

For confirmation of attendance, please fill out the quiz linked below:

If you have filled out the google form or will fill it out for previous and/or future events, all submissions will be recorded and you will ONLY receive a certificate with your cumulative/total amount of hours, due December and June of each year.

Thank you Dr. Adams for answering our questions about life as an OBGYN, and thank you for spending your valuable time with us. Make sure to follow her social media to learn more about her work!
Instagram: @drconnietheob

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