Westpac Merchant Credit Card Facility Agreement

diciembre 20, 2020 Agustin

The MCCFA is the legal agreement between us and our reseller customers who operate a Westpac reseller establishment to accept and process Mastercard, Visa, Union Pay or Web transactions. Visit our PayWay Special site for support documentation and access to the test facility. Order stationery quickly and easily online, just log in to our stationery ordering system and check forms to update your reseller service. Use our free online billing tool to be paid by Pay Anyone or BPAY® optional.1 EFTPOS is synonymous with Electronic Funds Transfer at the Point of Sale. This is the term used to describe an electronic payment system (or ATM or terminal) for taking debit, credit and debit card payments. EFTPOS machines – which can be independent or linked to a pos system (point of sale) – facilitate the transfer of funds from a customer`s card account to the bank account of a nominated company. Then there is eftpos (not in Capitals), which is the debit card payment system that takes money directly from a customer`s cheque or savings account to pay for in-store purchases. Talk to one of our dealers. We will be in touch in a business day. A commercial establishment allows you to accept payments for your business. These can include an EFTPOS mobile automaton, a POS (Point of Sale) terminal and an online payment system that allows a company to make one-time and recurring payments on bank accounts, debit cards and credit cards. These payments can be made over the phone, online, at the counter or on the go.

Applications for distributor services are subject to authorization. It is easy to schedule regular collection of credit card payments and automatic debits. Cancellation fees are of an agreed amount and are stipulated in our contractual terms for you. If the contract is valid for a fixed term, the cancellation fee is higher if the facility is terminated before the agreed expiry date. Online funds are usually deposited into your account within 24 hours if you have a Westpac account. Billing will take place at 18:00 Australian Eastern Time for e-commerce establishments. Weekends and holidays will receive money on the next business day.