Breast Cancer, Cervical Cancer, and Screening vs Prevention: Public Service or Moneymaker? [revised]

agosto 2, 2022 Agustin No comments exist

Breast cancer is an important health problem, which organized medicine fights by encouraging mammograms for early detection. But organized medicine omits known methods of preventing its occurring to begin with. Similarly for cervical cancer.

Here, rebel physician Edward Harshman discloses credible methods of trying to reduce cancer risk and emphasizes the fact that what organized medicine recommends costs money and methods of reducing its risk usually do not.

Unlike many public service announcements, this one ends with a plea to _not_give money.

A previous version of this video was removed by YouTube due to a disagreement about a particular form of cancer prevention. I’m not saying that the full version is available anywhere else. But I’m also not saying that it _isn’t._

The previous version compared giving money to organized medicine with abundance and complacency. This version compares giving money to organized medicine with war: if there is interference with fair debate, then we are at war.

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