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Cervical Cancer
See Cancer Cervical and Cancer Carcinoma Uterine Fermentative programs.

Encyclopedia Entry for Cervical Cancer :
Cervical cancer – human papilloma virus (Papovavirus)

Encyclopedia Entry for Cervical Cancer :
Cervical cancer – screening and prevention. Almost all cervical cancers are caused by HPV (human papilloma virus). HPV is a common virus that spreads through sexual contact. Certain types of HPV are more likely to lead to cervical cancer. These are called high-risk types of HPV. Other types of HPV cause genital warts. HPV can be passed from person to person even when there are no visible warts or other symptoms.
A vaccine is available to protect against the HPV types that cause most cervical cancer in women. The vaccine is: Recommended for girls and women ages 9 through 26. Given as 2 shots in girls ages 9 through 14, and as 3 shots in teens older than 14 years. Best for girls to get by age 11 or before becoming sexually active. However, girls and younger women who are already sexually active can still be protected by the vaccine if they’ve never been infected. These safer sex practices can also help reduce your risk of getting HPV and cervical cancer: Always use condoms. But be aware that condoms cannot fully protect you. This is because the virus or warts can also be on the nearby skin. Have only one sexual partner, whom you know is infection-free. Limit the number of sexual partners you have over time. DO NOT get involved with partners who take part in high-risk sexual activities. DO NOT smoke. Cigarette smoking increases the risk of getting cervical cancer.

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