Lloyd Berkowitz, M.D., medical oncologist Lynn Cancer Institute

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Lloyd Berkowitz, M.D., medical oncologist Lynn Cancer Institute
[TRANSCRIPT]: – My name is Dr. Lloyd Berkowitz, and I’m a medical oncologist at the Lynn Cancer Institute, part of Baptist Health. I’m a medical oncologist. I specialize in a number of different areas. I do a lot of the advanced skin malignancies, like melanoma, advanced skin cancers. I also treat urological cancers, like prostate cancer, bladder cancer, kidney cancer. And in addition, I treat a lot of the gynecological malignancies, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, cervical cancer. My philosophy of care is that the patient is always right, even when they’re wrong. You know, you have to listen to the patient and hear what they’re saying in order to fully understand how they’re feeling, how they’re responding to treatment, what the side effects are. I always try and weigh out for the patient the benefits of treatment versus the risks of treatment. I know if it were for me, I’d want to know the risks in addition to the benefits. The role of families in patients’ treatment can vary. A lot of patients are headstrong and make their own decisions and don’t rely on their family, but most patients need the support of their family to help guide them through decisions. And in oncology, that’s crucial because there are a lot of decisions that are difficult for patients to make. Should I continue treatment? Should I be more aggressive with my treatment? Should I stop treatment? All of those implications have to be discussed with family members and that’s a big part of our job. The patient experience that we provide at Lynn Cancer Institute is hopefully one of superior care, compassionate care, and the patient comes first.

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