Thomas Morrissey, M.D., director of gynecologic oncology Lynn Cancer Institute

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Thomas Morrissey, M.D., director of gynecologic oncology Lynn Cancer Institute
[TRANCRIPT]: – My name is Dr. Thomas Morrissey, Director of Gynecologic Oncology at Lynn Cancer Institute, part of Baptist Health. My area of expertise is gynecologic oncology, so that’s the care and treatment of gynecologic cancers, which would include ovarian cancer, cervical cancer, uterine cancer, and other cancers in that area. I’ve been doing robotic surgery since 2006, with over 1,700 cases. So in terms of the care of patients, being able to do surgeries through little incisions, with the assistance of the robotic assistant, we are able to do surgeries that patients used to have to stay in the hospital for a week. They can go home the same day with equivalent cure rates and much quicker recoveries. Patients should get their care at Lynn Cancer Institute because we have the full compliment of treatments available as far as state-of-the-art cancer care, including surgery, which includes robotic surgery, and other radical surgical techniques; chemotherapy, as far as the latest chemotherapy medications and trials available for certain diseases; and also radiation therapy with the most up-to-date radiation therapy machines and strategies. I want my patients to remember me as someone who took good care of them, did excellent surgery, took excellent care of them around this very difficult time in their life, and made sure that they got the absolute best treatment available, to give them the best chance possible to defeat their cancer.

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