Work Force Adjustment Agreement

abril 15, 2021 Agustin

Not necessarily. Performance criteria should, if necessary, jointly cover the work to be done, including knowledge. In some cases, the indication of one compensation criterion implies the possession of another. For example, the ability or ability to apply knowledge may, in certain circumstances, presuppose the possession of that knowledge. Another example would be a simulation that requires a certain degree of knowledge to demonstrate skills and personal ability. Sometimes the CEF or downsizing coincides with the reorganization or transformation of the way the work is done and leads to the creation of positions that cannot reasonably be considered similar to those for which employees are supposed to be laid off. If so, different options are available. Below are some of these options: In many cases, a worker who has taken a leave of absence may be admitted to a SERLO. If a worker is unless or unseated in the assessment process due to an absence under the Canadian Human Rights Act, the sub-delegate manager should work on a case-by-case basis with labour relations to determine whether the off-employee can be admitted to the ERLO (see Step 2 in the SERLO guide). As part of this decision, the manager must explore all possibilities of finalizing the assessment of the employee and the employee on leave.

The most appropriate option should be defined on a case-by-case basis, in conjunction with labour relations consultation. The following factors must be taken into account for the finding: Staff adaptation for federal agents [PDF – 1.43 MB] Staff adjustment is a situation that occurs when the benefits of one or more indeterminate employees are no longer required beyond a given date due to absence of work, the commitment of a function, a relocation to which the employee does not wish to participate or another delivery initiative. Lay-off – is the termination of a worker`s services due to a lack of work, the termination of a function or the transfer of a job or function outside the public service. If an optimistic employee does not receive a guarantee of an appropriate job offer from the assistant manager or finds another employee with whom he can exchange positions, he has three options. For more information on the change process and staff options, see personnel issues or in your workforce adjustment policy.